Great culture + process = great products

Design strategy and process

For the last few years, I’ve focused on building a design team, culture, and process that resulted in fantastic products. That is the bulk of what I do and love, and it’s best shared through conversation. Some examples:

Adapted design thinking methods to real work environment
Think IDEO, profligate usage of Post-it notes, and impatient eng/PM partners. Used in new product launches, blue-sky apps, and website updates.

Ran peer-based reviews that were friendly but thorough
They kept the bar high while building design and communication skills for each designer in a positive environment.

Products launched by my teams with this process:
Love It poll app, Shimmr fashion diary app, Yahoo View tv trivia feature, Tumblr Cabana video chat

TBD 6/2017: screenshots and such of products I've pushed pixels on, including Polyvore, Yahoo View, Google Maps, Google Search, Picturebook, Sketch Plug-in Arrowfy etc.