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Case Study:
Yahoo View TV


Summer 2016. The team had less than 2 months (!) to launch a tv streaming service under a Yahoo/Hulu partnership. This left just 3 weeks for design to create a desktop site, mobile site, and 2 apps from scratch. We constantly collaborated with other roles, running parallel on very little information.



Individual work

Design Process

I'm proud that we had a solid design process, even under the intense timeline, with user needs and behaviors driving decisions. Unless otherwise noted, screenshots below are my own work.

1: Assumptions with available info

*Confidential strategy from this project has been obfuscated. Personas, needs, and product direction here are not the actual ones from project.

Persona/research example

Whiteboarding iOS app major components

iOS/Android app wireframe map

1st week of design team deliverables to set up quick handoffs for visual/interaction/eng

2: Design while testing assumptions

Early branding applied

3: Plan ahead while executing

User-based product and design strategy

Concept storyboard and static prototype for user testing - work by design team

4: Launch and after

Cast info HMW brainstorm + user prototype (I owned this work since design team was busy)

Cast info post launch with features validated in user testing - work by design team

Brand and visual refinement - work by design team

More work can be shown in person.

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