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Case Study:
Polyvore Remix


End of 2014. This was an end-to-end application of the “Design Thinking Process” on a new mobile app at Polyvore. We learned what worked for a fast tech startup and what didn't. This was later improved, leading to the creation of Polyvore Labs at Yahoo and many consumer apps, including Tumblr Cabana video chat app (launched in 2017).


Lead designer, did all interaction design work, from user stories through storyboards, click-through prototypes, wireframes, and UI code meddling. Worked with researcher, visual designer, product, and eng team.

Design Process

The goal was to build an addictive app around fashion for millennials. Below are the best practices followed [with notes on process learnings].

1: Research-based personas and user stories
Derived from in-home interviews and large-n survey segmentation → Outfit ideas are useful and fashionistas like to share their style
[Learning - proper segmentation and contextual interviews are ideal, but also consider quicker surveys for smaller projects]

Quick whiteboard discussion of user story

2: Brainstorm
2-day workshop involving 20 people. Sketched concepts based on strategic persona needs and stories, complete with HMW, post-its, and voting stickers.
[Learning - brainstorms can be run in an hour with small groups, given enough prep. Watch out for those who don't think they have gaps in user knowledge.]

3: Validate/refine strategic ideas
Selected promising concepts with executive input and validated/refined via interactive wireframes in several rounds of user studies → “Make the most of my closet”
[Learning - can decide on strategy with less iterations]

Click-through static prototypes with Invision

4: Design, build, launch, iterate
User flows, wireframes, and implementation. User tested along the way to ensure that spark is kept → Magic outfit-creator button with sparkles! Magic outfit generation from a selfie!

Whiteboard MVP chat with PM, numbers = ordered chunks of eng work

More thorough interaction documentation

Outfit template logic for eng to code

High fidelity final "wireframes" pre-visd

Look and feel (work by visual designer)

More work can be shown in person.

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