Great culture + process = great products

Design leadership

At Polyvore and Yahoo, I built design processes, culture, and teams that resulted in solid products. Examples:

Adapted design thinking to deliver results
Set product strategy via best practice user-needs concepting. Modified process to better work with impatient eng/PM partners in an Agile Scrum framework. Used for new products (Yahoo View case study), blue-sky apps, and feature updates to established products.

Ran friendly but thorough design reviews
Peer-based sessions kept the bar high while building up skills for each designer in a positive environment.

Hired and coached a happy, productive team
Built and retained design org from scratch, growing junior members and maintaining morale through startup acquisition and org changes. Currently coaching design managers at Yahoo as a consultant.

My approach

Putting things into practice: do good work efficiently, treat people fairly, be reasonable.

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